Camera Phones at Weddings

Mobile technology--and people's attachment to their smartphones--fascinates me.  I personally love my phone and take it with me everywhere.  It's my portable camera, computer, stereo, video conferencing system, gaming device -- and oh yeah, it's also a phone.

Some professional photographers don't appreciate wedding guests standing up during a ceremony and taking shots with their phones. But the fact is, most people have camera phones and they love taking pictures. Rather than fight this trend, I decided to document some cool ways that smartphones were being used at weddings and other large events.

The groomsman holding this phone said to me, "I don't know why I'm taking this picture with a professional photographer around." I told him, no problem, I'd take a picture of him taking a picture of them. I purposely used a wide aperture to focus on the phone image. The couple getting married had the foresight to create a personalized hashtag and encouraged their guests to post smartphone photos of their wedding on Instagram.

A few hours before her wedding, an Indian bride and her bridesmaids chat with a mutual friend through iPhone's FaceTime.


As long as a bride has a camera phone, she doesn't need to carry a mirror in her purse.

A couple attending a wedding reception gets away from the crowd to take a selfie.


Sitting in a quiet corner, the best man at this wedding typed his speech onto his phone, about a half hour before he was called upon to speak.

Sitting in a quiet corner, this best man typed his speech on his phone, about a half hour before he was called upon to speak.


Budding photographer taking her best shot during a wedding reception.  I wonder if she's already on Instagram.