My 10 Best Bridesmaids Photos

The bride may be the star of the wedding -- along with her handsome groom -- but bridesmaids play a very important role, from helping the bride get dressed to running last-minute errands to getting the party started on the dance floor.  Below are some of my favorite bridesmaids' photos from weddings I covered recently.

How many bridesmaids can you fit under one umbrella?  These ladies braved the drizzly Seattle weather during an outdoor wedding in the winter! Photo taken by my associate photographer Ed Hanes during the wedding of Cassidy and Justin Rush at Kerry Park, Seattle.

Up-Do, I Do.  I love the loose knots on these bridesmaids' up-dos.  Their blue dresses contrast nicely with the bright yellow flowers.  

Applause, applause for these lovely bridesmaids. This photo and the one above were taken at the wedding of Crystal Martin and Austin Shelton at Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Stopping to smell the flowers, this pretty bridesmaid caught the eye of my associate photographer, Robert Wade, during the wedding of Misty and Brian Detlor at Sunset Park in Ballard.

Hopefully, she doesn't always bend over backwards for her man, but this limber -- and brave -- bridesmaid showed off her gravity-defying flexibility, on stiletto heels, no less. Photo taken at the Ronald-Ford wedding at Kerry Park in Seattle.


Although Indian weddings do not have the tradition of bridesmaids, close friends often keep a bride company during her last few hours as a singleton.  

Bejeweled - The bridesmaids attach long chains of gold jewelry onto the bride's arms before the wedding. The above two photos were taken at the wedding of Padmini and Nitin Jain at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. 

She was the flower girl, not a bridesmaid, but she was just as helpful as any of her older counterparts during the wedding of A'Dailya and Bryce Bontemps.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest bridesmaid of them all?  Sometimes you just need a full body view of yourself, as these ladies did before the reception of Annie Fejes and Norm Meckling in downtown Seattle.

This bridesmaid was sitting pretty post-ceremony, after the champagne was uncorked. Photo taken during the wedding of Courtney Hull and Sean Sussex at the Glendale Country Club in Bellevue, Washington.