Location Spotlight: Bell Harbor Marina - Pier 66 and the Seattle Waterfront

People often ask where is a good location to take photos in Seattle. Where ever there is a good balance of light, shade, and texture, is the answer. I've taken some amazing photos inside my little 300 square foot living room.  But if you want interesting backgrounds or scenery, here's one of my favorite spots in Seattle: The waterfront starting from The Bell Harbor Marina on 2203 Alaskan Way down to the Seattle Great Wheel. This is less than a half-mile stretch (0.4 miles to be exact) and it provides lots of great details for memorable photos. 

The Bell Harbor International Conference Center can be rented for weddings and other private events, and it's a spectacular venue.  If you want the best of what Seattle has to offer in terms of water, city and mountain vistas, this is it.  If you're not having a wedding, but just want some cool portraits, the marina offers many wide-open, public spaces.  

The Mosaic Wall by the Conference Center provides a colorful background.


The Rooftop of the Conference Center is public.  It's a great place to get portraits with the city's skyscrapers.

The long staircase near the Bell Harbor International Conference Center is a good spot for photos too. Just be careful walking in your heels!

The walkway along the marina is great for photos with boats. At the time of this shoot, an old Spanish ship was moored for several days. The ship is not there now, but other vessels come and go through the harbor.

The boardwalk on the Seattle waterfront provides interesting texture and great scenes of boats.

The yellow chairs at Pier 66. From Bell Harbor, walk south and you'll find this awesome pier, with several bright yellow chairs. Surprisingly, this pier is often empty for a nearly private photo session. Sometimes, a cruise ship will be docked nearby. 

The Seattle Big Wheel - I have yet to ride this thing, but I've taken hundreds of photos of it! These dapper men are lawyers from Washington Bike Law. Looking at all the photos on this post, I'm mesmerized by what Seattle has to offer. We're surrounded by so much water and natural beauty. It's the perfect combination of city and nature, and I'm so grateful to be living and working here.