Sasha Soyon

My name, which is Korean, means light through a forest. Perhaps that's why I chose Seattle to be my home, and why I named my company Green City Pix.  

I love taking photos of people and capturing their natural beauty and emotions. If you hire me, you will be sure to get amazing images of yourself that you'll cherish forever. My goal is to capture your joy, your excitement, and your gorgeousness!  

Since 2012, I've had the honor of winning a 1,000 Euro grand prize in an Instagram contest (thanks, Instagram!), and being included in photography exhibits in Seattle and Singapore. My clients include the Seattle Art Museum, The University of Washington and hundreds of people who want their special moments captured in a distinctive, artistic style.

I love: my family and friends, ice cream, dahlias, the colors green and orange, bicycling around town, and of course, taking photos and seeing the beauty in everything.  


Investing in Photography

If you're reading this, it probably means that you value beautiful photography more than the average person.  Perhaps you want to be captured in photos looking your best. Perhaps you recognize that after a wedding, birthday, or other special occasion, the only material things that remain are the photos that can trigger vivid memories of the event.

My goal for making photos is to make beautiful images that you will show to your friends, family and future children. Images that you will look back on fondly for years to come. Images that will surprise you, that will give you joy, that will make you say, "Wow."


Pricing for Creative Portrait Sessions

  • Ideal for family portraits, couples portraits, pets
  • $175 / 30 minutes / at least 20 photos
  • $275 / 60 minutes / at least 40 photos
  • $25 discount if photo session is held within 1 mile of my studio


Wedding Photography - Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, Issaquah  

  • Packages start at $1000 for 3 hours. $200 for each additional hours. This includes all final photos delivered over the web.
  • You will get a vibrant mix of posed photographs and candid, editorial-style images. 
  • An artistic mix of color photos and black and whites.
  • The posed photos involve groups of family, bridesmaids and groomsmen.  The candid, editorial shots will also involve them, plus your wedding guests talking, dancing, and having fun and not aware of the camera. 
  • Prep photos: bride getting ready shots & separate groom shots
  • Coverage during ceremony
  • Coverage during reception
  • Add-on options: Linen or leather-bound wedding album, Canvas Prints  (These products range in cost between $50 to several hundred, depending on page count and cover quality.)
  • My rates are not cheap, but they are not excessive. A big value that you get with me is that I hand over all the final, edited digital photos. Many other photography companies charge for editing each picture, and for printing each photo, as much as $20 per image. I'm not going to try to sell you any expensive prints. I'm there to make beautiful photos of you; that's my focus. I'm keenly aware of how photos are shared today (through the web, through mobile apps), and I like the efficiency of that. 
  • Contact me and I'll provide a custom package that satisfies both your desires and your budget.  


    Why Green City Pix?

    One of the reasons why I named my company Green City Pix is that I'm very much into web technology and the way that the web allows us to save paper. While I usually take hundreds of photos at a wedding, I don't expect my clients to print most of them. You might print a few of your favorites and hang them on the wall, or print a hundred for an album, but the rest will probably be shared through the web or through cellphones. The most thrilling feeling for me is when I see my photos proudly displayed on a bride and groom's Facebook page, just seconds after I sent the photos to them. 



    I understand that choosing the right wedding photographer can be daunting. Try me out for a half-hour $175 engagement session in Seattle to get awesome images for your save-the-date invites. That will give us enough time to make some fabulous photos of you and your husband- or wife-to-be. A full hour session is $275; a two-hour session at two or more locations of your choice is $375.  A $25 discount is given if the photo session is held within 1 mile of my office. A portion of the session's costs can later be applied toward a full wedding package. 


    Guide to Hiring a Wedding Photographer

    How many guests are you expecting? That number should guide you and your wedding photographer.

    Less than 50 people:  One photographer is enough for a small, intimate event. However, do hire a professional if you want amazing photos. 

    Up to 100 people:  Consider asking the photographer to bring an associate. A second photographer does raise the costs, but it will allow both photographers to get awesome shots of you and the guests.  You can keep to a budget by having the second photographer for a few hours to cover the ceremony and key parts of the reception. 

    Over 100 guests:  A second photographer is the norm for weddings exceeding 100 guests. Your wedding is probably the biggest party you'll throw in your life.  Be sure to capture it in the best way possible with two professional photographers. This allows both photographers to do their jobs right without feeling like they have to run around and cover every inch of large wedding venue. Please see this blog post about photographing wedding guests.  

    Happy Wedding Planning!  I look forward to talking with you and coming up with an option that fits your desires as well as your budget!  


    Sasha Soyon