I have advanced skills in Photoshop and image editing.  I do not change people's bodies, but I make subtle adjustments like fade blemishes, soften wrinkles, remove stains from clothing and other distractions.  This ensures you're captured at your best moment and your natural beauty shines in every image.  I sometimes also use different color treatments to enhance a photo's "wow" factor. 

The grass is greener on this side

Sometimes, we can't control what our surroundings will look like. In this picture which I took for a real-estate website, the grass was riddled with holes left by the family dog. I covered up the holes in Photoshop and brightened up the overall colors. Yes, the grass is greener on this side. :) Imagine what I can do for your own images, to allow your best moments to shine without any distractions.

Creative color treatments

Engagement shoot on a snowy day.  I turned only the background black and white while keeping the subjects in color.  This way, the white of the snow was emphasized while the red of the umbrella really popped.

Saigon Crossing

Increasing the wow factor

Turning just the background black and white makes this picture look even more dramatic. I took this photo with an old iPhone during a vacation in Vietnam, and it’s one of my favorite images. I love the combination of the woman’s traditional appearance alongside the movement of the busy traffic. But the original image was dark, and to enhance it, I changed the color of the woman's umbrella to blue to match her dress. I also separated the background and made it black and white, and blurred the motorcyclists. It’s not what I saw in reality, but it’s art based on reality, and oftentimes, art can communicate the emotional truth of an experience more effectively. 

I will do this kind of spot-color treatment for a few of your wedding photos to make the entire collection sing. Normally though, when I Photoshop an image, it just means making a few subtle adjustments, like fading blemishes or removing stains on a shirt.